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  • Come. Sit. Stay.


    hank you for visiting Happy Tails Kennel! We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality care to your pet at a value unmatched. We are a family run business and therefore know how important family members are to their loved ones. We live on the premises, so we are always available 24/7 for our overnight guests to provide exclusive care.


    Think Like A Dog



    ere at Happy Tails Kennel, our philosophy is to create a stress free environment with your dog's health and happiness always our top priority. We are dedicated to making your pet feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. This way you can relax and rest assured that your pet is being well cared for in your absence.


    Boarding with Us


    ith over a decade of expereince in the industry we have perfected the managment of your dogs' wants and needs among a community of many. We are skilled at providing every guest with individualized attention at all times of the day and night.


    Policies & Procedures
  • Kennel Hours

    After hour pick ups and drop offs (IF APPROVED) will be charged an extra nights stay. You can drop off or pick up your dog anytime within our hours listed.

    Monday - Friday

    Holiday hours vary.

    We are always closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We are here for the dogs but closed to the public!

    Dogs receiving baths on departure should be picked up after 12pm.

    Online Reservations



    ou will need to make a reservation to stay with us. You can easily follow the links below to setup a reservation and we will confirm your visit via email. We also accept reservations over the phone.


    eservations for grooming can be made online as well. Since scheduling for grooming is very dog/breed specific we will ask for two possible dates. You will receive an email confirmation of the date and time we have available.


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    If you have an unpaid invoice and would like to pay online, enter your invoice number and click the Pay Now button. On the next screen you need to enter your invoice amount in the box. You can choose to pay with a credit card or use your pay pal account. You do not need a pay pal account to pay by credit card. The company listed on the Paypal payment page is Hoy Group, LLC. This is the Hoy family's company that owns Happy Tails Kennel.

    If you have any trouble with payments, please call (704)455-3533.

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  • Quality By Design



    ur philosophy in The Groom Room is to focus on quality as our top priority. One Dog - One Groomer is our objective. In order to achieve superior quality results, our groomers concentrate solely on your dog during their scheduled appointment. There are no double bookings or assembly line grooming. Your dog has the groomers undivided attention!



    y keeping your dog on a regular maintenace schedule, our groomers will develop a strong bond with your dog. This relationship is important to calming nervous dogs or resloving fear issues a dog may have associated with the grooming process. Positive reinforcement and a patient, expert groomer is all it takes for us to provide you and your dog a healthy happy grooming experience.

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    Grooming Services


    e offer a variety of services to meet the needs of every breed:
    Hair Cuts & Styles
    Bathing Services

  • Directions

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    10002 Pioneer Mill Rd
    Concord, NC 28025

    Phone:  (704)455-3533

    Fax:  (704)960-1727
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    Hair Cuts & Styles



    rom Affenpinchers to Poodles,our stylists posses extensive knowledge on grooming every breed. Trim styles range from pet quality to breed standard. Creative grooming is our forte! Hybrid (designer) breed dogs require a little originality when trying to find the ideal trim to express your dogs character. Our stylists will gain intimate knowledge of your dog's coat and style based on their personality and genetics. Their expertise in determining the type of hair your dog posses combined with your dogs stature and disposition all help craft a unique style for your dog. If you have a particular way you like having your dog styled, we will accommodate your request to the best of our ability.


    All prices listed are estimated starting prices. All prices are subject to change and will be determined upon completion of grooming. The price will vary according to health, temperment, coat type, and coat condition.


    The Usual Trims
    Puppy Cut Under 25lbs.
    $34 and up
    Puppy Cut Over 25lbs.
    $38 and up
    Teddy Bear Clip Under 20Lbs.
    $36 and up
    Teddy Bear Clip Over 20lbs.
    $42 and up
    Minature & Toy Schnauzer
    $42 and up
    Yorkie / Daisy Trim
    $36 and up
    Westie Trim
    $44 and up
    Poodle Basic Clips
    $36 and up
    $42 and up
    $55 and up
    (Shave Down)
    Under 25lbs.
    $35 and up
    26lbs. to 45lbs.
    $40 and up
    46lbs. to 80lbs.
    $60 and up
    Over 81lbs.
    $90 and up
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    De-Shedding with ShedLESS



    ost people love their dogs and hate the fact that they shed. Some breeds swhed year round, some "blow" their coat twice a year. Every dog can benefit from a good thorough bath, brush and blow dry. However, our double coated friends usually need a little more then the basics. A double coated dog has a top coat and an under coat. The top coat will shed year round. The under coat under normal circumstances will be released on average twice a year for most breeds. The hair you see on your floors and carpets that is in dense clumps is undercoat. The hair that creates dust balls and ends up on your clothes is usually top coat. Top coat shedding can be minimized with regular bathing, brushing and a healthy diet rich in healthy fat and oils- Omega-3 and Omega-6. Undercoat needs to be removed to prevent it from its inevitable journey to your vacuums.


    Prices vary depending upon the amount of time needed to de-shed. The average starting price for most double coated northern breeds is $40. The prices are less for regularly scheduled maintenance de-shedding. the average de-shedding session takes about 4 to 5 hours!

    The Process



    hedLESS can remove 80% of undercoat shedding. The process starts with a bath using special shampoo and conditioner that is designed to loosen the under coat and help detangle it from the top coat for easier removal. After the bath, we use a high velocity dryer to remove and further loosen the coat. Once the dog is dry it's time to brush, brush, and brush some more! We use a process called carding which most people today know as a Furminator brand brush. Carding is the process of using a short bladed brush (like the Furminator) to systematically and safely remove the undercoat without damaging the top coat. The end result is a garbage bag full of hair or more and a dog that is allowed back on the couch! (Results may vary.)


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    Squeaky Clean

    Bath & Brush



    Bath and Brush includes a thorough double wash in premium shampoo and conditioner that will revitalize your pets coat. They will be fluff dried to soften the coat and add volume. The top coat is then brushed entirely to complete the look. Their nails will be trimmed and ears cleaned with invigorating canine ear wash.


    n exit bath is only available while your pet is boarding with us. It is just a simple wash with regular shampoo to refresh your pet before they return home. They will be dried according to their coat requirements.



    All prices listed are estimated starting prices. All prices are subject to change and will be determined upon completion of grooming. The price will vary according to health, temperament, coat type, and coat condition.

    Deluxe Bath
    Under 30lbs.
    31lbs. - 75lbs.
    76lbs.and up
    All Double Coated Breeds
    Add $5
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    Policies and Procedures

    1. Vaccinations
    All dogs boarding with us must be current on the following vaccinations:
    Distemper / Parvo

    There are no exceptions to this policy. Please bring proof of updated vaccinations every time you board. It is the Owner's responsibility to keep their pets current on their vaccines and to ensure that Happy Tails Kennel has the most current records of vaccination for their pet. Even if your dog is current on their vaccines, without proof we still cannot board your dog.

    2. Food
    Happy Tails Kennel will provide your pet with Diamond Naturals - Lamb and Rice or equivalent premium dog food at no extra cost. This food is not an allergy free diet. If your pet has a sensitive system or prefers their current feed you can bring their food at no additional cost. Any owner provided food must be in an airtight container- zip lock bags, Tupperware, or similar. (Note: tied off shopping bags, original food bags without built in zipper, and sandwich baggies are not considered airtight.)

    3. Treats and Toys
    Happy Tails Kennel will provide dog biscuits, freeze dried treats, and jerky treats depending on your dogs individual tastes. We encourage you to bring your own treats. Rawhides will only be allowed during playtime. Rawhides will not be left in a pets run overnight. All other types of toys are allowed.

    4. Medications
    Happy Tails Kennel will administer any injectable, oral, or topical medication at no additional charge. The medication must be in its original packaging/bottle with the veterinary prescribed dosage and administration instructions. Without the original packaging Happy Tails Kennel CANNOT administer the medication. Please do not place medication in food bags. If medicine is found mixed in food bags we will feed your dog Diamond Naturals and the medicine will not be administered.

    5. Your dog must be on a leash at all times.

    6. Grooming
    All Dogs being Groomed at the Groom Room must show proof of Rabies prior to being groomed. All grooming is done by appointment only. We do not accept walk-ins. If you are more than thirty(30) minutes late for a scheduled appointment you forfeit your time slot and we will need to reschedule your appointment. Exit bath prices are only available when your dog is being bathed after boarding with us. All exit bath dogs should be picked up after 12:00pm to insure enough drying time for your pet.

    7. Prices are subject to change. .

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